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Dear Friends and Supporters:

I have some exciting news!  For years, you have enjoyed my articles and commentary on a wide variety of subjects.  An exclusive content portal on my website has been developed to deliver to you, my friends and supporters, an array of revolutionary materials.

I’ve been immensely productive this past year, producing nearly a dozen pieces in one month alone, and I’ve been interviewed and/or referenced by many others, including Nico Lang and Freddie deBoer.

A number of my pieces have gone viral, reframed public discourse, and recast conversations outside the conventional paradigm of the left-right divide.  These include "I'm a Freelance Writer. I Refuse to Write for Free,"   "White Chicks Behind Bars," “Gay Marriage IS A Conservative Cause,” and “‘Undocumented’: How an Identity Ended a Movement,” and "Why Is America Turning to Shit?" to name a few.

This work has often been for free, delivered to improve public discourse and provide my insights to the world.  Now, I want to share special content and features with you, my friends and supporters, but I need your help.

Much of this work requires a great deal of investment of time and energy, but in the freelance world, the monetary return sometimes does not reflect its value.  For a small subscription of $2, $5, or $10 a month, you help me to continue my work.  In return:  

  • You get access to my weekly newsletter, which includes links to articles and resources around the web.
  • Podcasts exclusive to subscribers (in process).
  • Archive access to exclusive material generated during podcasts.
  • The knowledge that you are helping to support independent, long-form analytic and journalistic work that cannot be found anywhere else.



Chloe: $2/month or $20/year




Mo: $5/month or $50/year



Toby: $10/month or $100/year 





To subscribe, first register as a user through the Register link in the top right corner.  You will receive a confirmation email which will give you login information.  After you login in you will have access to the subscription page.  Subscriptions payment are made through PayPal.  Monthly subscriptions are automatic recurring payments. Yearly subscription do not automatically recur.  To see exclusive content, log in (once you've registered), and click on the "Subscriber Content" tab.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Following are examples of content you will have access to.  

  • "On Illness, Cravings, and Chana Masala" 


  • "Adopting Difference: Race, Sex, Transnational Adoptions, and the Archaeology of Power in the Allen-Farrow Case” This will be the first in a series of articles; the complexity of the issues demands nothing less. Read a teaser for the first installment here 

  • "Paul Krugman, CUNY, and the fallacy of 'The 99%'" 
  • "Victory!  Love!  Lies! Or, The Problems with Gay History" 
  • Podcasts which include interview with Liza Featherstone, Chase Madar, Debbie Nathan, Joseph Hankins, and many more.


  • "Dude, I got This: Or, Why White Men Need to Stop Being 'Anti-Racist'"


  • “Angela Davis Is Not Your Homegirl” ‚Äč

  • "Death and the Professorate, Or, What Happens to Academics When They Die?"

  • “Every time a White Girl Cries, A Unicorn Dies”


  • “Urvashi Vaid, Rachel Maddow, and the Death of the Queer Left”


  • “Immigration Reform in Prison: How a Movement Sold Out Its Own


  • Regular book and film reviews


  • And much, much more!


Podcasts and vlogs will feature my thoughts and analysis on current events, offered along with supplementary materials that will be archived alongside transcripts. Podcasts will include interviews with guests Liza Featherstone, on feminism and "outrage porn," Chase Madar on the surveillance state and Chelsea Manning. Also to be included: Karma Chávez on the politics of queer migration, Vincent Chevalier on nostalgia and the representation of AIDS, and Mariame Kaba on the prison industrial complex and carceral feminism, along with guests like Eric Stanley, talking about the dire conditions in academia, and the links between those and gentrification and queer radical work.



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