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Weekly Roundup, September 19, 2015

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What I Wrote Or Was Mentioned In

I’ve been working a lot on a couple of pieces, one related to carcerality and another to queer theory and the neoliberal university, and only posted this one piece last week.  I’ll be back to my regular publishing schedule next week, but for now, this week’s roundup features some really interesting work by fellow writers.

September 16: I published "It’s Fiorina and Clinton, Not Carly and Hillary"
after listening to a particular NPR program —  but the issue has been annoying me for many years.


What I’m Reading

My beloved friend and Against Equality comrade Ryan Conrad was interviewed by Vice, and you can read that here, “Some on the Radical Queer Left Still Think Gay Marriage Is Bad for the LGBTQ Community."

I meant to post this last week, but neglected to do so — Doug Henwood’s ”Age of the Unicorn: How the Fed Tried to Fix the Recession, and Created the Tech Bubble” is a sobering look at the Uber economy.

Susan Brownmiller's interview is controversial, but I think it’s worth reading. Here’s

Against Our Will Author on What Today’s Rape Activists Don’t Get.

Mike Ludwig at TruthOut produced this exhaustive piece on the rise of debtors’ prisons, "Across the South, Many Jails Are Illegal Debtors' Prisons.

If you’re going to be around Harvard in October and November, this ongoing series “Tinkering with Violence: Effects of Carceral Reforms on LGBT Prisoners” looks really worthwhile.

Over TWENTY Chicago archives will be offering tours to the public on October 3, 8, 9, and 10. Many are free; some charge a fee.  You can check the details at Chicago Open Archives: Collecting and Connecting.

The Glass Curtain Gallery will be home to the exhibit Vacancy: Urban Interruption and (Re)generation.


From the Archives

As Planned Parenthood faced drastic cuts, I had a great many thoughts about how much the Left has conceded in the battle over abortion. I’ll have something on that next week, but for now here’s an older piece of mine on the subject, “It's a Foetus, Not an Unborn Child.”

In keeping with the theme of prisons, here’s my review of Naomi Murakawa’s The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America.

Helen Ransom Forman died this past week, at 93, at her home in Gambier, Ohio. My condolences to her family and friends, and my thanks to Steve Dew for introducing me to this really amazing poem by her, “Daily.”

Jewel has a new album out, and this is where I confess that I spent a good part of 1995 trying to do that low-voice thing on “Who Will Save Your Soul.

Here's last week's roundup, in case you missed it.

And this is really, really what I plan on doing in a couple of weeks. 



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