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My Revolutionary Subscription Plan: Strange Love

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Kitteh Toby Oversees the Revolution


Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you know, I'm shifting to a subscription plan on this website.  You can find the details on how to subscribe here, but I wanted to take this opportunity to describe some of the upcoming offerings, available only to subscribers.


They will include articles like,


  • Material Witnesses: Race, Sex, and the Archaeology of Power in the Allen-Farrow Case” This will be a series of articles; the complexity of the issues demands nothing less. Read a teaser for the first installment here.


  • “Angela Davis Is Not Your Homegirl”


  • "Death and the Professorate, Or, What Happens to Academics When They Die?"


  • "Gay Is Not the New Black, And Black Is Still the Old Black" 


  • “Every time a White Girl Cries, A Unicorn Dies”


  • “Can Writers Be Scabs?”


  • “Are We All Edith Windsor Yet?”


  • “Urvashi Vaid, Rachel Maddow, and the Death of the Queer Left”


  • “Immigration Reform in Prison: How a Movement Sold Out Its Own


  • Regular book and film reviews


  • And much, much more!


Podcasts and vlogs will feature my thoughts and analysis on current events, offered along with supplementary materials that will be archived alongside transcripts. In March, podcasts will include interviews with guests Liza Featherstone, on feminism and "outrage porn," Joy Messinger about the global, neoliberal implications of transnational adoptions, and Chase Madar on the surveillance state and Chelsea Manning. April will include Karma Chávez on the politics of queer migration, Vincent Chevalier on nostalgia and the representation of AIDS, and Mariame Kaba on the prison industrial complex and carceral feminism. April will bring guests like Eric Stanley, talking about the dire conditions in academia, and the links between those and gentrification and queer radical work.


That's just for starters, so if you'd like to get in on the ground, please sign up for a subscription.


Of course, anything of mine that’s published in publications that post work online will still be available to everyone, and any work of mine that’s already available will remain accessible.  But your subscription will guarantee exclusive access to articles, podcasts, and other resources not found elsewhere.


In short, my friends, we’re all set to become the site radicalism!


But seriously: I’m truly, genuinely excited about this next stage, which allows me to write directly to a set of dedicated readers and supporters and to develop my writing, activism, and analysis.  Your subscription means I can produce cutting-edge work that goes beyond the questions and analyses raised not just by corporate media, but "progressive" outlets which simply rehash the same arguments everywhere else. And all of that in unadulterated, uncensored language!

Here’s to 2014, and to many new beginnings!



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