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My Review of Jo Becker's Controversial New Book on Gay Marriage

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May 6, 2014

I'm delighted to see my latest in Alternet, a review of the controversial new Jo Becker book,  Forcing the Spring, about the Proposition 8 battle and the history of gay marriage. 

An excerpt: 
Griffin is the hero in Becker’s book, which attempts to be an epic tale of a band of brave heroes and the foolish combatants who dared to try to vanquish them, a kind of gay "Lord of the Rings," but with men in dark bespoke suits instead of magic armor and cloaks. ...

That’s the history of gay marriage that still needs to be written: the story of how a community that once marched for a more radical agenda turned into one led mostly by well-funded, wealthy and powerful organizations and individuals like AFER, HRC, Reiner and Griffin insisting on marriage as “full equality.” It’s also a history of a world where a millionaire like Edith Windsor fights like hell to prevent the government from taxing her inheritance, the taxes on which could contribute to a failing public school system and better roads and go a long way toward the inequality so prevalent in our times.

Read the rest here. 


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