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My Interview with Hypocrite Reader's Michael Kinnucan (Part 1) and My Interview with Kate Jessica Raphael of KPFA

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July 26, 2014

I was interviewed by Michael Kinnucan of Hypocrite Reader.  Part 1, "There's No Rescuing the Concept of Equality," is here, where I discuss "equality," the gay movement and its flawed agendas, and much more.  If you've followed my work and writing over the years, you know I've always been one of the more outspoken voices against the rank conservatism of gay issues and the concept of "equality," along with Against Equality. In recent years, the success of initiatives like gay marriage of hate crimes legislation has meant a rapid escalation in policies that further the neoliberal agenda of the state.

I've grown weary of a Left - and, increasingly, a Right - that simply capitulates to "gay rights" and other neoliberal causes because it's terrified of being labelled homophobic and because it misreads the affective politics of "love" as something that only belongs in the private sphere.  In the following months, you can expect my work to take on an even blunter and more eviscerating tone: The time has come for anyone seriously concerned about the multiple disasters facing us to actually face and name the sources of these disasters.   

For more on my views, you can also listen to my interview with Kate Jessica Raphael on KPFA.  My thanks to both Kinnucan and Raphael for their work. 

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