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"March as Feminists, Not As Women" Now Up On Verso's Blog

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January 20, 2017

I just published "March As Feminists, Not As Women" on the Verso blog.  

An excerpt:

A march that is feminist and therefore anti-capitalist would be a place where no one would dispute that denying women the rights to abortion is to deny them economic and political equality; it would recognize that there is no ending of any kind of inequality without full and unquestioned rights to abortion. That drone wars, the kind so relished by both Obama and Hillary Clinton, are anti-feminist; not just because they hurt women and children but because they participate in empire-building, the sort that accumulates capital for wealthy people like the Clintons and the Trumps.

A women’s march is terrified of or angry at a monstrous man, a feminist one understands how to vanquish the system that birthed him. Tomorrow, march as a feminist, not as a woman.

And in case, you missed it, here's the companion piece, "Should You March Against Trump?"

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