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Queer history

The Kids Aren’t All Right: The Gay Marriage Movement and its Manipulation of Children and Youth [22 March, 2009]

The Religious Right is notorious for its manipulation of children, especially in its anti-gay tirades.  The passage of Proposition 8 was prompted in part by the incitement of fear about what children might have to endure: the spectacle of gay sex, or worse, the spectacle of gay marriage.  In its “Considerations Regarding Proposals t

Equal Campaign to Create a New Secretary of GLBT Affairs. Or, How To Silence Queers and Still Love the Idea

Oh, this is too amusing for words.

Following, perhaps, on the heels of Mary Frances Berry’s idea that we should just dump the Commission on Civil Rights in favour of a new organisation that will focus first on, yup, you guessed it, GLT (no B, no Q) issues comes this new group that you can find on Facebook.

Queers and Immigration Reform: Where Do We Stand? [10 January, 2008]

On January 8, The Washington Times reported that Mike Huckabee supported amending the constitution so that children born in the US to “illegal aliens” could not automatically become American citizens.  On January 9, the same paper reported Huckabee’s denial that he supported any such measure. 

Queer Film and Media Pedagogy: A Roundtable [2006]

“Queer Film and Media Pedagogy: A Roundtable with Michael Bronski, Terri Ginsberg, Roy Grundmann, Kara Keeling, Liora Moriel, Yasmin Nair, and Kirsten Moana Thompson.”

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 12(1): 117-134 (2006); DOI:10.1215/10642684-12-1-117

This article requires a subscription to GLQ.

Who Needs Larry Kramer?: A resurrected ACT UP does not a progressive queer agenda make [June 2007]

By the time you read this, a vastly over-inflated moment of queer hype will have sputtered and gasped to its inevitable end.  The events following Larry Kramer's March speech now constitute a tempest in a teacup.  But they did draw out some strong emotions, not all of them articulated in the kind of grandstanding we witnessed in the photographs of self-proclaimed AIDS activists in ACT UP t-shirts.

CHM looks at queer spaces, past and present [3 February, 2010]

The Chicago History Museum, 1601 N.  Clark, hosted a two-person presentation on Chicago’s queer spaces January 28.

The speakers were Sharon Haar, an architect and associate professor of architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Doug Ischar, UIC professor of photography.

Gay historian unveils research [17 February, 2010]

John D’Emilio, professor of gay history and women’s studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) , presented his latest research on Chicago’s gay history February 9 at the university’s Institute for the Humanities, where he currently holds a yearlong fellowship.  Speaking to a packed room, D’Emilio gave a speech provocatively titled “Rethinking Queer History.  Or, Richard Nixon, Gay Liberationist.”

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