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Media Studies

Is Your Reading Material Ethically Sourced?

May 29, 2014


If you wouldn’t buy chocolate because it was made by underpaid labour or if you prefer to buy clothes made in factories where workers are paid more than a bare, minimum wage, why wouldn’t you ask the same questions of the websites where you click on articles?

If people made the same choices about their reading material that they make about their shoes, clothes, and quinoa, they would have to stop clicking on and linking to places like The Rumpus, HuffPo, Open, Guernica, and so many more.  

Scabs: Academics and Others Who Write for Free

March 11, 2014


Note: I've responded to critiques of this piece, and my responses can be found can be found here, in "Scabs and the Seduction of Neoliberalism." 

In February, Nicholas Kristof bemoaned the fact that academics don’t write for larger audiences.


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