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Class in Drag or Who’s Middle Class Anyway?: Sarah Palin, Joe Sixpack, and Main Street [5 October, 2008]

I watched Sarah Palin on Thursday night with my fingernails digging into my hands.  Joe Biden must have remembered the fuss over Al Gore’s sighs during the latter’s debate with George Bush, because he showed restraint even as Palin consistently refused to answer critical questions on issues like health care.

2008 Elections: Class in drag: In American politics, the poor are dressed up as “working class”: [October 2008]

“Lunch-bucket Joe.”  The term's being used to describe Joe Biden, and it emerges breathlessly from the lips of Democrats thrilled at having found someone who can, supposedly, represent the working-class stiff whose vote once seemed locked in favor of Hillary Clinton.  That would be Clinton of the “Sisterhood of the traveling (raw silk) pantsuits,” the millionaire who downed shots to demonstrate her connection to the boys in the working class.

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