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Roundtable on "Orange Is the New Black"

I was recently part of a roundtable discussion of Orange is the New Black, over at

Romancing the Border: Or, Making (Self) Deportation Sexy

There’s this new bit of “activism,” the latest from DREAM activists, who succeed at keeping themselves relentlessly in the news through bits of staged political theatre.


Illinoi's Gay Marriage Disaster: An Autopsy

June 19, 2013

An excerpt:

To ask who was to blame is the easier task, but to understand what happened yields a more complicated picture about not just the failure of mainstream Chicago gays but the failure of the nation-wide marriage campaign.


Recent Work: The Omnibus Edition

June 10, 2013

It's been a while since I've posted here, and that's in large part because I've been busy with some long projects.  This is only a sampling, and I'll have a more detailed post later.  But for now, here are some snippets and news...

Stop Blaming Media for Sunil Tripathi's Death

25 April, 2013

Let's not turn this into yet another Tyler Clementi equation. Clementi wasn't killed by Dharun Ravi, and chances are whatever drove Tripathi to his death had less to do with the mis-identification and more to do with a host of issues unrelated to all that.

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