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I Don't Live Here Anymore

Stop Blaming Media for Sunil Tripathi's Death

25 April, 2013

Let's not turn this into yet another Tyler Clementi equation. Clementi wasn't killed by Dharun Ravi, and chances are whatever drove Tripathi to his death had less to do with the mis-identification and more to do with a host of issues unrelated to all that.

Cut Schools! Build Prisons!

First came the news, on March 21, that no less than 54 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) schools would be closed.  Rahm Emanuel, in a manner befitting his always imperious and uncaring Mayoralty, chose to be on vacation when the news flooded out to stunned Chicagoans.

Gay Marriage's Economic Underside

March 26, 2013

The Supreme Court takes up gay marriage this week.  Utterly incapable of understanding or relaying nuance, mainstream media continue with their myopic portrayal of all this as a battle between the goodies and the baddies.  Here, sweet, sad gays who just want to express their love are pitted against evil meanie Rightwing fundamentalists skewering gays and their children for breakfast.

This picture erases the complicated matter of what will happen if the gays win or lose.  We're screwed either way, no matter the outcome.  

I'm Profiled by Nico Lang on WBEZ's Blog

I'm delighted to have been profiled by Nico Lang, who contacted me after my "Gay Marriage Is a Conservative Cause" blog went viral.

Hate Crimes, Exceptionalism, and the State's Order to Kill

December 29, 2012


The New York Times reports that 31-year-old Erika Menendez is being held after having pushed a man, Sunando Sen, onto the subway tracks in Queens.  Sen was killed by an oncoming train.

Radio Interview with Karma Chávez on Wisconsin Public Radio, WORT

I recently did an interview with my friend, collaborator, and fellow Against Equality collective member Dr.Karma Chávez on Wisconsin Public Radio, WORT (89.9 fm), out of Madison.  We talked about my piece, "Undocumented vs. Illegal: A Distinction without a Difference," and related matters. 

Undocumented vs. Illegal: A Distinction without a Difference

In representing only the good immigrants, undocumented activists are literally and metaphorically the dream activists of neoliberalismemphasising individualised narratives about freedom over systemic critique.

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