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I Don't Live Here Anymore

Should You March Against Trump?

January 19, 2017

“To put it bluntly: Everything you are marching to prevent, dear marchers, has already come to pass.”



Lambda Literary Stops Being Literary

Happy Hols!

Happy Hols, everyone, and here’s to a restful end of year break (or something like it) for everyone.


Colder Than Mars: The Frigid Update [December 20, 2016]

December 20, 2017


The New York Times Is The Daily Prophet

December 16, 2016


Donald Trump Won Because Hillary Clinton Lost [December 8, 2016]

December 8, 2016


Let Defeat Sit In Your Bones Or, Forget Amnesia [November 24, 2016]

November 24, 2016
Well, the good news is that I’m heaps better but the bad news is that I’m not quite there and keep backsliding.  I’m going to try to take this long weekend off to rest and recuperate, and catch up on assignments; I’ll be back next week with more.

Weekly Roundup: November 8, 2016

My Weekly Roundup this week comes to you from within a flu-induced haze.  Here are a few tips for dealing with the flu: Don’t drink caffeine, because that gives you an artificial high and convinces you that you can and should walk around and try to do “normal” things.

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